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Our website is an e-Publisher of the eminent humane scholar Mohammed Amin Sheikho's knowledge 

( His secret has been sanctified by Al'lah)

Damascus, Syria

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All that is a drop in the ocean of what this Great Humane Scholar revealed, for all his research and fields of thinking cannot be written down in lines in order to be read; but indeed, this is only to attract attention to what knowledge of the Holy Qur’an he offered and revealed to humanity.

Many venerable scholars have talked about him and praised his knowledge, his deep derivations from the Holy Qur’an and his great understanding of it. They found truth and faithfulness in his mission, and found that it gathers the whole under the banner of the Holy Qur’an and the sacred Sun’na of God’s noble Envoy (cpth) so that all the hateful sectarian disputes destroying the religion of our master Mohammad (cpth) will be driven away by this guidance. These sectarianisms have become a mere following of forefathers instead of a following of the Holy Qur’an, where one nation has been divided into many and has turned away from the right way, parting into sects and parties, whereby each party is pleased with its own false beliefs. The interpolators deceived them by filling their books with mistakes, infringements, and interpretations contradicting Al’lah’s Attributes and the noble Prophets’ perfection. Then the Muslims lost their way and sank into the sea of disagreement between sects and parties, and they abstained from religion and inclined to this lower life because of them.

Dr. Mustafa Mahmoud said that: “the Holy Qur’an was deserted before the knowledge of this great scholar, for his scientific knowledge is received from Al’lah and his revelation is logical. I have never found, during all my life, one word like his from another one.” Dr. Mustafa has given us a special book about him under the title: Contemplations on the Sciences of the Great Eminent Scholar Mohammad Amin Sheikho.

A drop in the ocean

He revealed the reality of intercession, which most scholars failed to reach, and which they thought was an intercession of unjust mediation through which the noble Envoy (cpth) got whoever he liked out of Fire, something which incited people to commit sins, hoping to be interceded for on Doomsday. He clarified through the verses of the Holy Qur’an that intercession can be achieved only by the believer, and it begins from this world and lasts for him into the afterlife; and that intercession is the binding of one spirit to another, derived from the word ‘couple’, which indicates that a thing binds itself to another, coupling with it and adhering to it. Intercession then, is the binding of believing spirits to the Envoy (cpth), and coupling with him so as to ascend to the Godly Presence, just as the spirits of the honourable companions bound themselves up to and coupled with his pure chaste spirit (cpth), entering into God’s Presence through him, and so they accompanied him in this world, in the interval between death and Doomsday, and shall keep accompanying him in the hereafter.

He, who does not couple with God’s Envoy (cpth) in this world will have no intercession in the life to come; instead, it will be no more than hopes in which they indulge their spirits, so as to allow themselves to commit forbidden things; for the Holy Qur’an as a whole warns us of the consequences of our deeds, and informs us that we will be recompensed for the whit of our action, either with goodness in Paradise, or with treatment in Fire. Besides, the Holy Qur’an indicates that God’s Envoy (cpth) can do nothing for a creature except admonish the creature, and he can drive nothing to his noble spirit: “Say: I have not the power to acquire benefits or to avert evil for myself…” The Holy Qur’an, Fortress 10, Yunus (Jonah), verse 49 “Say: I have no control over any good or evil that befalls you.” The Holy Qur’an, Fortress 72, Al-Jinn (The Jinn), verse 21 “It is the day when a spirit has nothing to do for another and Al’lah then will reign supreme.” The Holy Qur’an, Fortress 82, Al-Infitar (Bursting Apart), verse 19 “Can you save those who have rightly earned punishment and are doomed to the Fire?” The Holy Qur’an, Fortress 39, Az-Zumar (The Groups), verse 19

He set forth this important research in detail in most of his books, specially his book: Reality of Intercession—A Calm Dialogue between Dr. Mustafa Mahmoud & Dr. Youssef Al-Qaradhawi.

He also showed the reality of our father Adam’s descent from Paradise, the reason for his eating from the tree, and the state in which he and our mother Eve (ptt) [48] were before eating from the tree, and he showed that his great love for his Provider had led him to forget Godly Advice and eat from the tree. All these goings-on were by arrangement of Al’lah, the Almighty, so as to let our father Adam (pth) out of Paradise, and to give him, together with his offspring, Paradises in its stead. This was also to show him and his sons the enmity of the devil in order for humanity to know that he has an enemy who lurks, and thus we will beware him and follow the guidance of our Provider by Whom the noble Prophets were guided, and thereby, we will be preserved from committing sins and from being under the control of the devil.

He is, as well, the first one who revealed the reality of belief and the straightway leading to it which the Holy Qur’an has outlined, and which all the noble Envoys and Prophets followed.

He manifested the reason behind mentioning the tale of the Israelites (sons of Israel) frequently in the Holy Qur’an, and their arguments with their noble Envoy, our master Moses (pth), clarifying the following: that if people do not follow the way of true belief legislated to them by the Almighty, they will profit nothing from watching miracles and supernatural actions, nor will they be of the believers whatever signs and cogent evidence you bring them. But indeed, seeking the truth honestly, and using thought in searching for it: this guides the spirit and leads it to the sources of real knowledge.

All of this is mentioned in his book: Al-Amin Interpretation of the Great Qur’an.

He also clarified all the indications of the Hour, and the evidence of the returning of Jesus the Christ (pth) from the Holy Qur’an in his book The Second Coming of Christ.

Reports of thanks and gratitude followed incessantly from all the world’s countries, thanking him for recreating this useful technique, and from all the people, Muslim or non-Muslim, who practiced it after they had verified its benefits. All that is mentioned in his book: Cupping: the Marvelous Medicine that Cured Heart Disease, Paralysis, Hemophilia, Migraine, Sterility and Cancer—A Prophetic Medical Science in its New Perspective. Most of the news agencies and the world satellites have broadcast it; magazines and journals have talked about it; conferences and sessions have been held to discuss it; besides this, many international medical and hygienic centers have adopted it, seeking its many benefits, for it is a medical vade-mecum containing all cures in one slit from a wielded scalpel.

He also unveiled the reality of the charlatans, conjurers, and magicians who work together with devils to cause harm to people through magic, and he explained all the tricks and deceptive actions magicians use on people who know nothing about the reality of magic, such as telling of false unseen matters. He thus revealed that this is a close cooperation between enchanters and their devilish companions. This problem has circulated among most people in this world to the extent that you can hardly find a home free from these tricks and the cunning of these magicians, or from distress and grief resulting from believing these heralds of the devil, especially those magicians who appear to people through satellites and talk to them about their affairs and diseases, leading the viewer or the one who phones them to believe them, unknowing that the magician colludes with his devilish companion to bring him his news.

He also offered the solution and showed the way that leads to release from and cure of these spiritual diseases without resorting to any other people, especially those who allege that they treat people through spells or through reading verses of the Holy Qur’an, though they, in fact, know nothing. All that is clarified in his book: Unveiling the Secrets of Magic and Magicians. 

He described a person’s state when they die in both cases: when they are a believer or an unbeliever. He also elucidated their state after death, during the interval between death and the Day of Resurrection.

​He also explained the verses relating to the account of the Day of Resurrection, and clarified that a person’s deeds are imprinted on the pages of their spirit in this world so that on Doomsday they shall obviously appear to them.

He revealed the reality of Paradise, which is looking at the Presence (the Enlightening Face) of the Generous Provider, Owner of Honouring, Beauty and Majesty, demonstrating that all the pleasures, honoring, and bliss that man obtains are below that lofty Paradise. He proved this statement with logical evidence derived from the Holy Qur’an. 

He also clarified that Fire, on the Day of Resurrection, is like a hospital where the owners of spiritual diseases are treated because of what they bring with them from their lower life—the mean deeds which degrade them before Al’lah, the Almighty—so that their shame and disgrace cause them to request Fire (the treating) in order to escape from the spiritual pains and spiritual burning that they suffer that destroy them greatly. God’s Envoy (cpth) says: “Shame will adhere to man on Doomsday until he says: ‘oh my Provider, Your sending me to Fire is easier than what I am suffering’, though he knows the great torture in it.”

All that is mentioned in his book: Interpretation of the Great Qur’an, and his book: Al-Amin Interpretation of the Great Qur’an. 

He showed the wisdom behind circumcision for males, and the reason for which the Almighty has created this glans while the male embryo is in his mother’s womb, and then the wisdom behind cutting it after birth. This discovery of the scholar is unprecedented by any of the doctors of this time and by those of all the previous ages. 

He saved cattle when he showed the use of mentioning Al’lah’s Name aloud over them when they are being slaughtered, by pronouncing the statement: ‘In the Name of God, Al’lah is Greater’, and clarified that when these cattle hear such a great statement during the performing of the slaughter, their whole blood runs and their bodies shake so that all the blood is released from the carcass and nothing of it remains inside their meat, and with that, the Almighty grants us pure fresh meat, free of any germs. On the contrary, the germs will remain inside the carcass over which the name of Al’lah is not mentioned, so that the one who eats from it will be subjected to suffering from diseases. Besides, neglecting mentioning Al’lah’s Name over cattle will also expose them to be afflicted with deadly and incurable diseases. The scholar had derived all that from the Qur’anic verses, and his speech was subjected to a medical study, where a laboratory medical team composed of masters of medicine in the Middle East executed a comparative analysis between cattle slaughtered while mentioning Al’lah’s Name over them, and cattle slaughtered without this being done. The results then came out precisely as the scholar had said, i.e. colonies of germs and viruses remain inside the carcass over which Al’lah’s Name is not mentioned.

These scientific tidings were transmitted by broadcasting, magazines, newspapers, satellites and news agencies warning people of neglecting mentioning Al’lah’s Name over cattle, but… alas! Nonetheless, many people kept ignoring mentioning Al’lah’s Name over cattle and as a result, the world was smitten by mad cow disease, bird flu, and sheep plague, issues which the scholar had warned of according to the Almighty’s saying: “…and there are cattle over which they do not pronounce the Name of Al’lah, thus inventing a lie about Him. They will be punished for these lies.” The Holy Qur’an, Fortress 6, Al-An’am (Livestock), verse 138

All that is mentioned in his book: Al’lah is Greater, Be Kind to Animals. He revived the sacred Prophetic Sun’na after the books of the ancients had effaced it, when he drove away incurable diseases by animating the Sun’na of cupping. He clarified its safe and correct conditions, saying that it must be performed exclusively on the upper part of the back, in the early morning, without having breakfast, in the spring season, and when the crescent decreases, viz, after the seventeenth day of the lunar month, for the moon has a pull of gravitational effect on the earth. A big medical team in the Middle East, composed of about 350 professors and doctors, studied this operation according to its correct conditions, as shown by the scholar, during three consecutive years, and the outcomes were amazing in medical circles and there has been an increasing interest in this from year to year, until it has spread all over the world because of its great benefits.

Sir John G. Bennett

In his book, Journeys in Islamic Countries, Sir John Bennett mentioned his meeting with the Great Scholar M. A. Sheikho and he talked very much in praise of his unique character, his humane deeds and his logical dialogue, saying, for example:

  •  “So ends the first talk. I still do not know what to say except that he is very good and a very sincere man who is truly turned toward God. But what he understands or does not understand, that I cannot say.” 
  • “Today we started by verifying certain things about work about which I shall not write, beyond saying that I have no doubt that Emin Chikhou (Amin Sheikho) has reached a certain level of inner work that I have rarely met before.” 
  • “As I listen to Emin Bey’s explanations about inner work, I marvel; he is a real master. Not only has he achieved being for himself; but can show others the way and give them the strength and courage to follow it.”
  •  “The chief difficulty with Emin Bey arises from his very goodness and purity. Here is in truth a saintly man who is utterly obedient to the Will of Al’lah as he understands it. He is doing and has done very much good. He is a faithful guide and example to his murids.” 
  • “I wrote that his very goodness is the difficulty. If he were an ordinary man, however learned he might be, I should not even trouble to spend hours in discussion of theology. But Emin Bey is not an ordinary man. He is a saint and he has the supernormal power of a saint. Therefore, one must accept him and understand.” 
  • “I was told that all of them have passed through secondary school and many have been to the university. About one third are themselves secondary school teachers or university lecturers.” 
  • “I mentioned this because it is important to realize that these murids are not ignorant peasants but men who have at least some knowledge of Western thought.” 
  • “I have no right to talk to Emin Bey as an equal about questions of religion unless I am prepared to make demands upon myself no less severe than he makes upon himself.” 
  • “He is a really good man. The saying that a teacher is known by his pupils is in his favor, for all I have met have remarkable mutual love and sincerity.” 
  • “Now I meet and talk with a real dervish, Emin Bey.” 
  • “He is an altogether extraordinary man in himself, and of the reality in him of the impulses of faith, hope and love, no one who has seen him as closely as I have, can possibly doubt.” 
  • “The more I see of him and hear from other of his works, the more convinced I am that he is truly a saint and that his interpretations of the Qur’an are inspired by a higher consciousness.” 
  • “Meeting him has been a lesson to me in many ways: I see what wholehearted devotion to work can be. I see nobility of character and an immense power to attract and hold the love and faith of others.” 
  • “Men like Emin Bey are very rare. He has sought God all his life, and he had a real teacher. He is a man with real power of work and from it he has acquired real being.” 
  • “For all his fundamentalism, Emin Bey is very tolerant and practical in his outlook. I believe that he truly listens to the heart and not to the spoken word.” 
  • “But with this man I felt such a comradeship and assurance of being fully understood and accepted that I told him things that I would not tell others.” 

He also showed the reality and the compassion that are folded within the case of polygamy, reported at the beginning of Al-Nesa’ Fortress (Women), when he solved this problematic case and refuted each saying that causes Islam to look like a lustful religion by allowing man to marry four women, as a result of not returning to the noble verse, reading it as a whole, and scrutinizing its course.

A Muslim is usually not permitted to marry more than one woman. As for marrying the second, third, and fourth ones, it is not allowed except within the conditions reported at the beginning of the noble verse and which have been neglected and removed from use. The noble verse stipulates that the woman should be a widow with orphans, so the purpose of polygamy is a humane and lofty one. It is to maintain widows and bring up orphans in such a way as to build a sound society, and it is not a spiritual lustful one, as interpreted by many people who put the verse into effect without returning to the beginning of it. With that, they have created a bad reputation for Islam and Muslims, because the religion appears to be a lustful, inhumane one in their eyes, because of polygamy.

He also revealed the laws of divorce, deriving them from the Holy Qur’an, and revealed the way to fulfill these stipulations and rules in case of recalcitrance (on the part of the wife) and the rising of discord between the two mates. All of this is stated in his book: Islam… What is the Veil for? What is Divorce for? What is Polygamy for? 

He explained in detail the meaning of the six days mentioned in the Holy Qur’an: “Your Provider is Al’lah who created the heavens and the earth in six days; then He controlled their destiny…” The Holy Qur’an, Fortress 7, Al-A’raf (The Heights), verse 54

He also expounded the meaning of ‘the Ten Nights’ and ‘the Seven Heavens’ which Muslim, Christian, and Jewish scholars could not know. That is in his book: The Great Scientific Discovery—The Astonishing Reality of the Six Days and the Seven Heavens. By sound logic he elucidated the great praise which God’s Envoy (cpth) deserves in ‘Abassa Fortress (He Frowned), when the noble Envoy, the owner of great morals, frowns as Abdul-lah Ibn Om Maktoom comes to him, whereas all  other interpreters put God’s Envoy (cpth) in the wrong position when interpreting the beginning of this noble Fortress.

He clarified the meanings of all the Fortresses reported in the Am’ma part of the Qur’an and explained the word ‘Am’ma’ in inimitable detail in his book Interpretation of Am’ma Part of the Qur’an. 

He also revealed the secrets of the rites of pilgrimage and the wisdom behind each ritual that the pilgrim (Al-Hajj) performs. He also showed the way of true believing and clarified that believing in God is not attained only by saying or admitting, but it is a witnessing in its reality, manifesting the meaning of the statement: ‘I witness that there is no god but Al’lah, and I witness that Mohammad is the Envoy of Al’lah’. All that is stated in his book: High Schools of Al-Taqwa (Seeing by Al’lah’s Light)—The Jewels of Rules in Explaining the Pillars of Islam.

He solved the problem of fate which puzzled the minds of the scientists and philosophers of Al Mu’tazelah (necessitarianism): the Greek and the Roman, as well as the scholars and philosophers of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Besides there is his high understanding of the Almighty’s Saying: “…He pardons whoever wills, and torments whoever pleases…” The Holy Qur’an, Fortress 3, Al ‘Imran (The Family of ‘Imran), verse 129 “…He misguides whoever pleases and gives guidance to whoever wills…” The Holy Qur’an, Fortress 16, An-Nahl (The Bees), verse 93

This showed that the obedient one’s will is that which truly follows the way of believing, requesting guidance, and avoiding the way of perversity, seeking to reach the reality, the truth and the right religion. He also explained the freedom of choice which every man has in this life.

Sir John Bennett replied that rain water is the main source of drinking water. Then the scholar replied to him, saying that rain water is for plants and animals, and he revealed to him with cogent evidence the sources of spring water across the whole world, deriving his demonstration from the Holy Qur’an, and told him that the running of big and small rivers on the surface of the earth is not ascribed at all to rain water, a reply which is something unknown by any of the eastern and western scientists.

Rather, it is a great scientific miracle, which shows that the water of these springs has greater and more opulent sources than rain water, for the scholar demonstrated with more than thirty scientific pieces of evidence derived from the noble verses that the ice of the north and south poles is the source of the water of all the springs, and when Sir John heard about such research from him and discussed it with him, he immediately confessed Islam and said: “I wonder how this question has never crossed my mind before!”

When he returned to his country, he repeated his famous words before a crowd of scientists and educated professors, saying: “Indeed, all the sciences that we have obtained do not equal the sea of sciences of that great scholar in the Orient.”

He elucidated the Almighty’s aim behind creating creation, and the reason for creating the human, and their coming to this world which he indicated in Al-Azal World, first creating, offering trust, and undertaking of man to bear it.He also answered the puzzling question, which is, why are Prophets born as Prophets? And what criteria does the Almighty depend on to choose them as Prophets and noble Envoys before they are born? 

He explained the Godly justice and demonstrated it in lofty logic, and he also showed the reasons for poverty, sickness, afflictions, and all that may befall man in this world of good or evil; and besides, he stated the elements of which man is composed in a remarkable explanation, where he spoke about the difference between the soul and the spirit, and between thought and the mind, so revealing the quiddity of each.

That was when the famous British scholar Sir John Godolphin Bennett professed Islam at the hands of him as he (Sir John) went to him to ask him his questions which were difficult for him and for all other scientists and scholars.

The meeting was in Damascus city where Sir John G. Bennett asked him important questions and inquired about all that crossed his mind concerning Islam and its pillars, and about fasting, pilgrimage, Zakat (almsgiving) and the wisdom behind each until the scholar asked him: “do you, Sir, know the source of the water you drink?”

One of His Pupils

Professor Abdul-Kadir John, alias al-Dayrani is the best known  and most distinguished among the pupils of Scholar Sheikho. He received a certificate of General Education (a Syrian certificate which included the study of  nine different sciences). Prof. al-Dayrani collected and verified more than fifty books which were dictated by Scholar Sheikho and written on his behalf.

Therefore his name is always mentioned in association with the name of Mohammad Amin Sheikho.

He clarified that their belief in Al’lah the Almighty and their love for His noble Envoy (cpth) was the source of their knowledge and the reason behind their sublimity and authority over the worlds. He showed the wisdom folded in the verses of the Holy Qur’an and hidden in every Command ordered by the Great and the Almighty, for he disclosed the meaning of the letters that are reported in the beginning of the Fortresses (Surahs), which all the Muslim scholars failed to know. 

Besides this there is his wondrous revelation of the exordium (Al-Fatiha) and the secret behind reading it when communicating with Al’lah, which had bewildered all the scholars and the holy men. 

All of this is mentioned in his book Secrets of the Seven Praising Verses and his book Al-Amin Interpretation of the Great Qur’an. 

He derived the times of the five prayers (communicating with Al’lah) from the Holy Qur’an, and showed the wisdom behind it (prayer) and the secret of turning toward Al-Ka’ba. Similarly, he derived the proportion of Zakat (Almsgiving), which is 2.5%, from the Qur’anic verses. He explained the meaning of piety (seeing by Al’lah’s Light) and how to attain it in Ramadan, in the same way he explicated the meaning of the Night of Al-qadr and showed the reason for revealing the Qur’an on that blessed Night.

Such was the habit of this venerable humane scholar (his soul has been sanctified by Al’lah) concerning all that he has bestowed upon us of the endless knowledge which turns heads and makes the fronts bow, glorifying and revering the meanings of the Holy Qur’an: he filled the heavens with the Qur’anic scientific knowledge that Al’lah the Almighty had revealed to him, for it is he who acquitted the noble Prophets of all that conflicts with their perfection, impeccability and their spirits’ purity in his book Impeccability of Prophets. As he explained their high deeds, for which they deserved to receive the message of their Provider, they became guides guided by Al’lah’s Light. 

He also disproved each saying or tale that contradicts the impeccability of our master Mohammad (cpth) in two books he singled out about the chosen beloved Prophet Mohammad (cpth)

​The Reality of our Master Mohammad (cpth) Appears in the Twentieth Century and Visiting the Prophet’s Position (cpth) and the Effect of his Love in Elevating the Believing Spirit. He showed the position of the Prophet’s pure companions, which they had held justly, and their being deserving of holding the caliphate, by Al’lah, the Almighty and master of all creation, like our master Abu-Bakr, who triumphed over the apostate Arabs, Persians, and Romans, and our master Omar Ibn Al-Khattab who completed the conquests, supported the orphans, and attached the ties of blood, besides the rest of the four caliphs and the honourable companions.


1890 A.D (1308 A.H)
1964 A.D (1384 A.H)
Interpretation of the Qur'an

Excerpts from the Sciences of the Humane Scholar M. Amin Sheikho

The research and fields of thinking of the scholar Mohammad Amin Sheikho cannot be written down in lines in order to be read; indeed, this is only to attract attention to what knowledge of the Holy Qur’an he offered and revealed to humanity. Many venerable scholars have talked about him and praised his knowledge, his deep derivations from the Holy Qur’an and his great understanding of it. They found truth and faithfulness in his mission, and found that it gathers the whole under the banner of the Holy Qur’an and the sacred Sun’na of God’s noble Envoy (cpth), so that all the hateful sectarian disputes destroying the religion of our master Mohammad (cpth) will be driven away by this guidance. this sectarianism has become a mere following of forefathers instead of a following of the Holy Qur’an. 

The Humane Scholar Mohammad Amin Sheikho(His soul has been sanctified by Al’lah)