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The Third High Grade of At-Taqwa (Seeing by Al’lah’s Light)

In this valuable article you find the real meaning of Zakat “Alms giving”.

What is the high wisdom behind this pillar? Why the Almighty Al'lah, through His Divine books, has ordered his people to do it? Actually there is a high benefit through giving Zakat, going according to this pillar affects positively man spirit and the whole society.

All that has been elucidated by the Humane Scholar Mohammed Amin Sheikho.

Can we bring love, brotherhood and collaboration to the whole society and nation? If yes, then how?

How spite, hatred, aggressiveness and such bad behaviors can be wipe away from the society and from the heart of mankind?

Nowadays, societies suffer from many economic crises. The Almighty Merciful God hasn’t left people to suffer and face such difficulties , actually He Has sent them the life path “sublime statute”  if they go according to it they will absolutely get rid of all these sufferings.

Zakat "Alms Giving"

Is happiness really beyond reach?!

Having noted the absence of happiness in human life, a group of scholars began to look for a way to attain this happiness.
They could put their hands on the core of happiness by means of physical laws, so that they could reach it by following such a set of laws! However…

Can worldly scientific laws, however great they may be, control happiness, make it surrender to them, and allow itself to be harnessed by their reins?! Are they able to help people actually taste happiness, so that the earth will become a garden of paradise?! How great this achievement would be, if only they could do it!

The Sources of Spring Water in the World

"Al'lah Is Greater" Be Kind to Animal

New scientific medical discovery in Islamic method of (Animal slaughter) and without the use of any stunning method:

Today we stand before the medical fact of pronouncing "in the Name of God, Allah is Greater" over slaughtered animal when slaughtering.

It is mentioned in a unique scientific research project unveiled by a group of Professors, physicians and scientists.

They have fought deadly germs through science, driving away the darkness of ignorance and superstition.

They have also removed the ignorance that covered the legacy of the Heavenly religions.

They have fought deadly germs through science, driving away the darkness of ignorance and superstition.
​They have also removed the ignorance that covered the legacy of the Heavenly religions.

Interpretation of Am'ma Part

In Am'ma Part we can see how Al’lah overwhelms us with His Favor and Charity and guards us by His Mercy and great Care.​

Within it, we can see the Godly Justice has been manifested Itself with Its most magnificent meanings.

How great is he who recites them or reads them! How great is he who draws attaintion to them or publishes them! For those people are indeed sources of truth, right and religion.

All of these blessings are but drops from the ocean of the favor of he (cpth) who rose high above all that is high. Glorify him (cpth), then, and appreciate him (cpth) in order that you can comprehend these meanings and be able to apply them. Let him (cpth) be your highest example and your leader forever and ever.

By Am’ma Part the noble companions woke up from their heedlessness; with it God’s Envoy had started his way to God, and it is that which upgraded the Arab State then the good chosen nations and people and moved them to life filled with bliss and happiness after they had lost themselves in worlds of darkness.

Interpretation of the Thirtieth Part of the Holy Qur'an

Our website is an e-Publisher of the eminent humane scholar Mohammed Amin Sheikho's knowledge 

( His secret has been sanctified by Al'lah)

Damascus, Syria

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In the name of God the All Compassionate the All-Merciful

The Almighty Al'lah and the beginning of creation is a very important Devine elucidation, it should be known by every human being that it reveals to man some valuable enlightenments which touch his existence, past and forever-future.​

You conceive through this sublime demonstration some portions of the high attributes of the Almighty Al'lah and you know through this Devine text how Al'lah is most Merciful, most Kind, most Bountiful and most Just.

Al'lah and the Beginning of Creation

A dialogue between Sir John G. Bennett and Scholar M. Amin Sheikho

What is the spirit?

Where is the center of its existence? and what is its function?

What is the soul? where is the center of its existence? and what is its function?

What is the thought? where does it exist? and what is its function?

What is the mind? where is its center? and what is its function?

What is its relation with? and what are the relations of the above-mentioned items to each other?.

Researches about the sources of spring water in the world

A Dialogue between a Western Orientalist and a Muslim Savant

Lately, some subjects like the veil, polygamy, and divorce in Islam have become objects of discussion and dispute upon which the mass media, especially the western ones, shed light. What is the veil, polygamy, and divorce in Islam?

In this book: 

- A dialogue between a Western Orientalist and a Muslim Savant about the verity of the philosophy of the veil in Islam, the importance of marriage contract, the verity of polygamy in Islam. and the verity of divorce in Islam. 

- Is it the cover screening only the hair? or it is the whole cover screening all the body with the face? What is the wisdom behind it? and what are the Qur’anic proofs (verses) that indicate it and decide its nature?

Islam… what is divorce for?! what is more than one wife for?! 

Islam…! What are the Veil, Divorce, and Polygamy for?

Till now, we have issued 21 audio-books to the great humane eminent scholar Mohammed Amin Sheikho, most of them in Arabic.

They are broadcasted by Al-Qauds (Jerusalem) Radio from Syria and Al-Tawheed Radio from Lebanon.

Three of them are in English, they are available on the most important of audio-bookstores in the world such as Google Play, CDbaby،، iTunes.Sure, we do our best trying to offer them for free. But if you like to have whatever of them in a high quality as a CD or any electronic form, you will have it for minimum of cost.You find more information in the webpage of each audio-book.Please, Feel free to contact us for more information

Pilgrimage -Hajj-

The Fifth High Grade of At-Taqwa (Seeing by Al’lah’s Light)

What wisdom lies behind the pilgrimage? What benefit comes from its strange rituals? Why should the pilgrim dress in white, untailored cloth?
What is the wisdom of circumambulating a big stone named Al-Ka’ba?
What does the hajji (pilgrim) benefit from kissing the Black Stone?
What is the purpose of walking quickly to and fro between Safa and Marwa?
What is the importance of standing on a mountain named Arafat?
What is the purpose of throwing seven pebbles?
Can these seven pebbles destroy Satan, who is immaterial and invisible?
Why are animals slaughtered in these places?
If you are eager and interested to know the answers to these exciting questions, then let us sail forth into this research, which leads us to the straight path and ensures that there is no deviation from it. Thus we may live a life of eternal happiness. Let us seize the opportunity to gain a span of life compared to which our worldly life is not worth mentioning.
​Let us start now, for when death knocks at our door, regret will avail us nothing. At that time, how great will be the loss of those who turned away from their Provider!

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