Al'lah and the Beginning of Creation

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Interpretation of the Thirtieth Part of the Holy Qur'an

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Excerpts from the Sciences of the Humane Scholar Mohammad Amin Sheikho (His soul has been sanctified by Al’lah)

The research and fields of thinking of the scholar Mohammad Amin Sheikho cannot be written down in lines in order to be read; indeed, this is only to attract attention to what knowledge of the Holy Qur’an he offered and revealed to humanity. Many venerable scholars have talked about him and praised his knowledge, his deep derivations from the Holy Qur’an and his great understanding of it. They found truth and faithfulness in his mission, and found that it gathers the whole under the banner of the Holy Qur’an and the sacred Sun’na of God’s noble Envoy (cpth), so that all the hateful sectarian disputes destroying the religion of our master Mohammad (cpth) will be driven away by this guidance. this sectarianism has become a mere following of forefathers instead of a following of the Holy Qur’an. 

Our website is an e-Publisher of the eminent humane scholar Mohammed Amin Sheikho's knowledge 

( His secret has been sanctified by Al'lah)

Damascus, Syria

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Our invitation to Al'lah:

Our invitation to God is based on a course that is never mistaken: “Say: this is my way: I invite to Al’lah with sure insight, I and whosoever follows me. Glorified and Exalted is Al’lah. And I am not of the polytheists.”

The Holy Qur’an, Fortress 12, Yusuf (Joseph), verse 80

In the light of this honorable Ayah (verse), we began to call to God; A call concentrated on the following points:

  • Acquainting people with the consummation of the Almighty God, and showing His Mercy to His obedient people and His Justice with His creation. He refuted all that remained in human minds and whatever was circulated that contradicted the Godly Justice, Clemency, and Mercy and (all) Godly Consummations, and his guide was the Word of God: “And all the most Beautiful Names (Attributes) belong to Al’lah, so call on Him by them, and leave the company of those who deny His Names. They will be requited for what they used to do.”..

78 books have been issued to the great humane eminent scholar Mohammad Amin Sheikho, most of them issued in Arabic. They have been published and distributed through two types, the first one is the printing type and the second is electronic, 


Till now, we have issued 21 audio-books to the great humane eminent scholar Mohammed Amin Sheikho, most of them in Arabic.They are broadcasted by Al-Qauds (Jerusalem) Radio from Syria and Al-Tawheed Radio from Lebanon.Three of them are in English,..


Here, you find our produced documentary videos which demonstrate our researches and studies based on the humane scholar Mohammed Amin Sheikho’s sciences and knowledge .Till now, we have produced two films they are both in Arabic and English: